Electric Medallion

Electric Medallion

Electric Medallion

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Feel Time Like Never Before!

The Electric Medallion features an electric medallion on silver style that features an elegant finish for the strap and case. The glossy polish helps boast a touch that is smooth and a look that is easy on the eyes.

Elevance Watches presents the revolutionary technology that allows you to tell time with touch. The raised markers allow you to feel the time by touch, featuring a triangular marker for twelve, elongated lines for three, six and nine and a sequence of shorter line segments for the other markers. Two ball bearings using magnetized technology travel around the face of the watch. One track is featured at the center of the face of the watch for the minute and another track goes around the outer edge of the watch face for the hour.  


- Materials: The case, strap and face of the watch are all made using Stainless Steel.

- Warranty: Comes with a 12-month warranty.

- Water Resistant: The Electric Medallion withstands brief contact with water, such as washing your hands or getting caught in the rain. It is not intended for high intensity water sports or submersion under water.

- Shock Resistant: Engineered using high quality materials making it capable of withstanding small drops, however it is not intended for rough conditions.

- Quartz Movement: Features state of the art quartz movement with Swiss parts.

- Great For All Occasions: The watch is perfect for fashionable, casual and professional settings making it the perfect timepiece.

- Fit: Adjustable clasp buckle featuring a band width of 20mm and a band length of 24cm, fits almost all wrists sizes and shapes.

- Packed With Care: Every Elevance Timepiece comes with a box, cleaning cloth and working watch.

- Dimensions: 40mm diameter / 11.5mm thickness

Note: While our timepieces are engineered using highly durable materials, please note that they aren't fully scratch resistant. 

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